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Default RE: 11.0 on F-Type 148?...

Hi MA Pete,
Yes, I'm glad we have a little better software running to keep some of the spam off the forums.
If you have a gutsy low end 9.5, and unless you are quite heavy (say more than 190 lbs.) I'm not sure if you will gain much with an 11.0 m over your 9.5 Retro.
I don't think you will be losing much in terms of early planing since you've sailed the FT-158 so you understand how to get it going early.
Maybe 1/2 knot difference.
The 11.0 m2 might get you that 1/2 knot difference (FT 158 vs 148) back, but you would be adding alot of weight to the rig for very little gain and would definitely have to rig down sooner.
I'd try your 9.5 m2 Retro, with an adjustable outhaul and I think you will have the better setup.
Hope this helps.
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