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Hi Rodger, Thanks for such a comprehensive test. The outside holes on my board are 20mm wider at the front bolt ie 17 cm from centre, and rear holes 15cm from centre line. I have never ridden the board with straps in learner or freeride intermediate positons as I typically go for speed and racing and use outside positions. I note the toe out is less as the middle and inside row of holes.
I ride a 7.5 and 8.4 on this board as a rule. The fins are 48 Drake which is excellent and a 41 Select Sl7 2009.
I will try the next time I am out the middle row of holes as they are closer to parallel. The problem is that group and the inner most group are set well forward of the fin. Having had two Hypersonics prior to the Futura I am really struggling to not kick the strap moving back as I start planning or coming out of the gybe. For me it is so difficult I haven't been able to plan jibe this board yet. I normally can do that with ease.
I noticed on the Video's Svien and other riders seem to have used the middle row of holes rather than the outside row. Might be something in that.
Thanks again.
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