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Roger, I understand you recommend to get up to the full speed before getting into the back footstrap, and I also understand it requires some practice, but I find the moment of getting into back strap pretty difficult when my speed is too high, especially in the chop. Also, the moment when I'm trying to get into the back strap is when most of my catapults happen (although I'm getting better), and obviously the faster I go the more violent they are.

So I actually try to get into back strap asap, which from what you said is not a good thing.
I also head up asap (on plane, but before getting into the back strap) to reduce the speed and get into the back strap (then, being in both straps, I feel safe to bear off).

So my sequence is as follow:
1. Bear off, starting to get on plane.
2. Almost planing, hook in, still bearing off.
3. Planing, front foot in the strap
--- [1,2,3 happen almost together and very fast, board is accelerating at all times] ---
4. Head up, place the back foot near or on the back strap, stabilize the position
5. Getting the back foot in <-- full control after this point.

Problem is always between 4. and 5. Sometimes the board goes so fast that I am afraid to put the back foot in and I stay like that (especially in the chop), which is like 50% control comparing to being in both footstraps.

What do you think?

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