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Hi guys,

What are tha main diferences on a kombat wood and tecnora? is there any sailing diferences? wich one is stronger? is only weight the diference?

best winds,
Try to get an hold of the July issue of Boards UK Magazine (search online). They did a comparison of identical boards with different construction weights/material. Result? Zero performance difference in the 70 to 100L range. Only when they got to a 115L board they could detect some difference, and this only for 60Kg sailors AND it turned out that the lighter board had a flatter rocker ... (that is: what manufacturers don't tell you is that the 5% tolerance in weight extends to the shape of the board, and that differences in shape due to construction tolerances count WAY more then 1-2-3 pounds of weight.)

Do a little experiment for yourself: on your current board tie 1.0 Kg to the mast track (easy to do, maybe use one of those 1-3 pounds rubber coated weights, or some rope, or a rubber duck, it does not take much to put 1Kg on the board). And check ... you will notice ZERO difference in performance.

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