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The differences in weight are very relative. Take for example a futura 101. In technora, it's 7.1 kgs; in wood it's 6.85 kgs (data from this site). The difference is 3.64%; but the tolerance is 5% ! So it's possible -not only in theory but also practically- that the technora futura 101 I've bought, is lighter than the 101 wood a friend of mine has got!

And for the aspect of durabilty, i've got boards in both constructions. Never had any damage with my isonic 125 wood or s-type 104 wood - but chipped off a piece of skin with my knee on the furura technora two weeks ago. Bad luck, coincidence, maybe, but not that much of a difference in weight and durability for me.

My rule: for bigger boards (formula, isonic in big sizes) I prefer the wood versions. For smaller ones (s-type in small sizes, futura in small sizes, kombat etc) I don't bother anymore if it's a wood of technora constructed board.

But one thing, I like the looks of the wood versions a bit more. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course.

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