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Thanks, Ola_H, I have not seen a starboard evil twin yet, but is it fair to say that the tail or hip is wider than other brands twins (fanatic) and that would be because it's got more of Evo lines in the shape. Wouldn't that also be better for onshore conditions? I'm sure the twins work very well in side and cross off specially with a snappier top turn.. may main concern is how it will work in cross onshore sometimes overpowered conditions 40knots.

How do you compare the volume on ET? is ET80 like E74? I find that the E74 enough volume.

Also as I understand starboards board weight has been reduced a lot for 09 which is a big bonus I think.

I was also thinking about keeping my AB for light wind waves, if that's the case would a ET74 be better than a ET80?
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