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Default board quiver query

Hi there,

Quick question regarding board quiver selection. I currently have 3 boards, kombat 86 wood, carve 101 and an iSonic 122. Sails range from 4.4 - 8.0m.
Local sailing conditions are a mix of onshore open sea, estuary sailing and west of Ireland fun when I get a chance. I can jibe comfortably enough.

I use the Kombat for 4.4 - 5.8 weather, the carve for 5.8 - 6.5 and the iSonic for 7.0 - 8.0

I want to reduce the board quiver to 2 boards max as I feel there's too much cross over at the moment and storage is a problem. I love the kombat so its staying put and is great for the bump and jump stuff. I was considering selling the other 2 and replacing them with a Futura wood 101 or an iSonic 101. I'am leaning toward the iSonic because of its sail range and the fact that I love my 122 for its sheer speed when the conditions are right. I figure I'd use it for 6.5 - 8.0m usage. Is the new iSonic 101 suitable for rougher sea states or is it a tricker beast to control when compared to the Futura? From reading the literature the new Futura sounds like a toned down iSonic. So I'm asking myself why tone it down when you can have the real thing. However the Futura is probably a safer more all round option.

Simply put iSonic or Futura 101?

Thanks for your help,
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