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Hi, my question s about landing backloops. Can somebody tell me how to avoid overrotating backloops..? I mean, is it all about timing the turn at the peak of the jump? or is there someway to slow down the rotation when coming down if you see that you are going to overrotate?

on the videos you can see many kind of backloops, some guys seem to turn almost totally around at the top of the jump and then come straight down without rotating much? and on some videos people have their front hand almost straight, does that help somehow?

well, maybe i get to train a little today again...

thanks for your thoughts!

A couple things that might help to stop over-rotating:

1: jump UP, don't throw it into the wind too soon. If you carve up into the wind too hard as you lift off, you will spin into something more like a pushloop. A back loop should be into the wind a bit, and then the sail is sheeted out a touch at the top to get you around and looking back down at your landing
2: As you come in for a landing, sheet in & push your front and out to slow/stop your rotation.
3: Pick a STEEP section, the steeper the better. The more you can kill all forward speed and go straight up, the easier it will be to land clean.

good luck!
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