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Hi everyone,

This posting is coming in late but I hope that by putting it back on top it will be brought back to your attention and that you'll get to read it.

Since your first comments, we've reworked the footstraps to be longer as well as upgraded a number of other details. By making the footstraps longer, they can now be sized large enough for people with big feet and/or for those wearing booties. When these new straps are fitted to a board, their shapes are also holding much better and they don't tend to shrink back to a small natural size again either.

We've also found that a side benefit is that for those with smaller feet, adjusting the straps to their smallest size will compress the sides more than previously, which means that the feet will feel the tightness not only from the top but also from the sides. I've got small feet myself so I particularly appreciated that.

There's now some extra stitching that joins the inner and outer later of neoprenes together too - some people mentioned that when the straps were extended to their maximum size, the sides would thin out and cause a strong hard spot that was painful for the toes to bump into. So the extra stiching prevents this from happening by ensuring that there's a full two layer of neoprene everywhere along the inside surface of the straps, even if the strap is extended fully.

We've increased the padding thickness overall and changed some of the aestheric details on the top flap, and also added a second peel tab to the top flap to make the opening of the top flap that little bit easier.

I'm sorry if this reply is coming in a bit late. If you, Prpa, Ken, Afblaster, send me an email with your postal address, I'll get a set of new straps sent over to you. Thanks for your feedback, and do continue to let us know any other comments you may have on the boards and their parts - whether good or bad.


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