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The footstrap inserts stripped on all four straps on my brand new iS 101 '07. And I do take care, installing them by the book. I have'nt had this problem on my other 4 Starboard's.

Exercised the warranty since the board was virtually unsailable and got a replacement board. The inserts on the replacement board seem to hold together, but I still managed to strip one of the inserts. Not while installing the straps the first time, at that point it's usually all fine. But when rethightening after the first or second session on the water some of the screws don't grip anymore, which is the distinctive sign for stripped inserts.

Since I expected this to be a recurring problem I've bought the Permatex Forma-a-Thread stuff which I fixed the faulty insert with last night. The visual result looks very good and it was a quite easy project, hope the fix will hold under load too.
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