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Default Rio doesn't move upwind

Hi Roger !

Thank you for your reply ! A lot of good hints, which I am eager to test as soon as this darn rain stops!

To answer your diagnostic questions:

1. Which Rio I have : it is a 2008 Rio of 195 lts, 275 cm long and 80.5 cm wide. I just bought it brand new from Windsurfing-direct. ca in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

2 . Which sail : a NeilPryde RAF Warp Oriented Slalom 6.4 sail, with 4 battens. It is not new, but I do not know the age. I bought it 2nd hand as I just wanted to invest the strictly necessary, this year, to start out, before upgrading next year.

Based on its sharp triangular top ( as compared to new generation with the tapered ( square) top ), it is probably more than 5 years old. When I compare it with newer sails, I notice that even if I tighten the out-haul as much as I can , the sail doesn't stretch flat : it always remains a bit hollow, a sign perhaps that the fabric has become a little stretched with usage and that the sail is therefore a bit spent , but this, I suppose, should play to my advantage in light winds, as the sail has more power this way, as compared to when it is rigged taut and flat.

3. Wind speed : yesterday it was the first time I tried it out. The conditions were not ideal: from no wind at all to a light breeze ( I reckon predominantly between 8-10 knots steady, with somewhat higher gusts ), but I expected the board to move forward, which it didn't !

4. Position of the mast in the track : middle position, perhaps 1 0r 2 cm farther forward, but not full forward. I was thinking, next time, to shift the mast all the way back, as my weight along with that of the rig a bit more backward, might raise the front of the board, thereby reducing the drag ( a sort of " pre-planing" position. ). What do you think ?

5. I was not using the foot-straps( Dakine). Actually, I hadn't even attached them , yet.However I have never used straps before and I did not want to to introduce a new variable, which might complicate things this first time. By the way, I just finished attaching them now, but even by pulling out the velcros and pulling on the strap, I am unable to adjust them. The strap seems to be fixed!

I know it is very difficult to diagnose a problem by e-mail, but I hope that among the many hints I receive by talking to people like you, eventually I'll get the spark which will set me going!

I would feel silly if my problem were the sail ! But I wouldn't think so, because an older sail, seemingly in good condition, shouldn't make the difference between moving and NOT moving AT ALL ! There must be something else, aside from my relative inexperience !

Thank you again

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