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Hi raggy, I had a Stype 93 2006. You will love this board. IT's true volume is 99 ltrs. I used it with a 6.7 RS Racing and found that slightly big in marginal conditions but great when there was good power. The fin I used was also the 34 sr6b form a hypersonic 111. This was the G10 fin not the moulded one some boards have. If you can get one you'll find a really good match. I also sailed it with 5.7 Saber 2007 and used the same fin. When it got really hectic I'd put in a Select 29 SL7. I found the 5.7 for my weight 85kg's the sweet spot.
The bit you want to know is tuning. With both set ups I would set the round plate of your uni joint just meeting the edge where the track gets wider. This puts the locking pin about central in the mast track. I moved forward and back but it never felt as good as the position above. Boom I put 3/4 up on the luff panel cut out, and always used the lower hole for the clew. ( Neil Pryde sails and base/mast/booms ).
I found with this board just lock it down and hit the chop fast. It seems to go through a lot better when you are really motoring, and it bounces a lot it you back off. probably due to the extra volume.
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