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I posted this 3 or 4 days ago but don't see it today. However, when I hit the Post Reply button it was there at the top. So here it is again using the Post Quick Reply button.

My Powerex 490 mast is about 6 years old and the 460 joystick 4 although I cannot remember the exact years I got them. My Retros are 2004s but the 490 mast is a couple years older.

I tried rigging the 6.5 on the 460 bottom and the 490 top and that was a little better but not as much as I thought it would be. I don't know anything else to do about the 6.5 opening too much at the top on the 460 so I'm going to stop worrying it. I'll just remember to get a 7.0 if I need to replace the 6.5.

The good news is that my new 2007 8.0 Retro rigs much better on the 490 mast than the 2004 8.0 did. The top opens up without the excessive downhaul the 2004 needed. My wife suggested getting the 2007 8.0 that was on sale from Sailworks instead of shipping my old 8.0 to Sailworks for repair. Hey, I couldn't agrue with that.

Thanks for everyone's replies. I appreciate knowing that someone else has seen the problems that I'm having.

One more thing, I sprayed my masts with Sail Kote like Sailworks suggested and they slide in and out of the sail sleeves so much easier.

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