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Default Upwind with a shortboard

Hi James :

the problem I have is exactly the opposite : I can't go upwind with my Rio ! If I could do it, I would be the happiest person on earth, so to speak! To day I drove to my favorite practising spot to practice some of the tips I received from the volks on the Forum, mainly the leeward rail sinking trick. I started out at first with my usual 6.4, tuned according to Roger's instructions , i.e. strong down-haul for a good mast curvature and relatively little out-haul. My progression is very incremental, but it is there , because I noticed the leeward rail tilt definitely slowed down the drifting, at least so it looked ! For a few moments the board looked like it was ready to bite into the wind, albeit very hesitatingly, but at that point the wind abated and the board started drifting again to shore.... I was about to pull in and rig my 7.6, because I thought the wind might have been too light for a 6.4 , but, unfortunately, by the time I started de-rigging the 6.4, a powerful storm kicked in .
I kept working on the rig under the rain for about half an hour with the...wet wet-suit on ( excuse for the pun !) and becoming even wetter ( this is what it is made for, anyway, right?) hoping that the storm would clear soon, but it got worse, instead, so I decided to call it a day! I'll resume tomorrow, but it is not without some frustration that I am learning that the variables of the weather are many indeed and unpredictable, because by the time you think you have it, mother nature fools you , kicking in another weather- changing variable and you have to start the trial and error process all over again ! But I haven't given in to the temptation to take up golf, yet !

Talk to you soon

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