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Default Air vent leak on a Kombat 106

Hi there,

I have a Kombat 106lt model of 2006. A few days ago as I was getting ready to get into the water, I noticed water coming out of the air vent which was closed. After unscrewing the valve, I noticed the O ring was in a bad shape. I put the board in the sun and I let the water boil and evaporate through the valve.
Then, I replaced the O ring with another O shaped black rubber fitting on the screw (probably not an O ring) and after 1 hour on the water, much more water was evaporating through my open air vent afterwards.

Is the damage on the board from the water that came in, repairable?

Does this look like a valve problem or the board might have a hole somewhere else? If we are talking about a valve problem, is it important to use exclusively O ring rubber seal? How often should I replace the O ring?

How can I test if, after replacing the O ring with another O ring the vent is watertight?

How can I test if there is a hole somewhere else on the board? (Other than the vent problem, the board is intact and in a very good shape, no scratches, hits etc.)

How can I extract all water or moisture from the interior of the board? Is there some sort of test to see if there is still water left inside? ( I haven't weighted the board before this incident, so I cannot compare weights)

Thank you for reading this. Apologies for the long list of questions. I am very frustrated, since this board is my first -and expensive- buy of a new board and I was very happy with it until now.
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