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Default RE: 2 Boards for Slalom

Koray, not Ian here, but since you are waiting for a thorough answer from him, here is my idea.
I do not race: i just like to blast around. I have a Sonic 95 and just can't thing how a racer using two Starboard boards could possibly do without one (or a new iSonic 94 which should be similar) Point is the wind range into which that board delivers terrific performance is so huge. It can handle a 7,6 TR-2 (not the lightest 7,6 around, I guess) with total ease and it can hold on the water with an overpowered 6,6 so nicely that makes me think that the board's wind limits are far beyond. All this to say that such board can cover effectively the strong wind range, say 7,6 to 6,0 or whatever small it takes, leaving one able to choose a much bigger board to cover the light wind range and therefore be fully competitive across the whole range. I think a 95/94 could team perfectly with a 122 or even 133 and 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.5 sails.
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