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Hi Ruud,

I have E74 ( 05 ) and E83 ( 06 ).
Like most of the other comments i would recommend the E83 for 5.8 to 5.3 and rarely with 4.7 when passing the break got no wind or gusty.
In those situation with high waves, the E83 is better to secure incertain wave scenarios.
E74 is perfect with 4.7, very good with 5.3 but need a little more wind to get on plane, the feeling is different from E83, much more like a skate and very free.
E83 is faster but less free, less soap-feel than the E74 on the top of the lip.
For jumping E74 is better regarding the control.
It really depend on the typical condition you have.
In the Cotentin i often have 15/20 knots with poor winf in the breaking swell, so the E83 is the queen on this type of conditions.
As soon as the wind goes 20knots E74 is more exiting.

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