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If you like the EVO 74 I think you will be better off with a new EVO. The Kodes are faster and feel a bit direct. Less width and narrower tails make them more controllable in bigger waves. But they require better technique and drive for radical wave riding in less ideal conditions (onshore, slow waves etc).

The EVOs are super easy in non ideal waves but can be pusher very well in big fast waves too. The 09 (and 08) EVO 75 are already a bit better for fast off the lips than the old 74. But if you are 70 kilos and like your EVO 74 but want to take a step towards a more radical board I would suggest the EVO 70. It is quite a lot easier in radical waves than the 74/75 but looses out only very, very little in light wind and slow wave. This would be the absolute best all round wave board for you, I would say.
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