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Default RE: changing footstrap positions

Hello Screamer,
It's like almost any other "mechanical fastening" system.
If you use the correct tool (a high quaility #3 Phillips screwdriver with a
hardened and surface treated #3 Phillips drive on the end); you
"lubricate" the threads (by rubbing a bar of soap on the threads of the screw), and do not use high speed (rotational speed here) "Power Drivers" you can expect your footstrap screws and the inserts to last almost forever, certainly well beyond the normal life cycle of a board.
When you move your footstraps, try to get the screw to start in the "already formed" threads in insert holes that have been used before, and re-lubricate them each time with a small bar of bath soap.
If you use "power screwdrivers" that rotate the screw fast enough to generate friction related heating of the screw, don't lube the screws to make them go in easily and significantly tighter, or use a tool without the correct #3 Phillips geometry plus heat treatment and surface coating to preserve the integrity of the Phillips drive recess, then you will almost surely end up with some degree of premature insert damage or failure.
I've seen a few new boards that had poor quality inserts that stripped out very quickly, but for the majority of "premature failures" of FS screw inserts, there was a definite "cause" mostly related to one or more of the above installation no-no's.
Hope this helps,
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