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it's not strange that we agree on obvious concepts.
Where our views differ is in your faith in Starboard proposing the best possible construction; despite the obvious facts that the competition proposes lighter boards with larger use of carbon laminates and wood technology being readily available to them by the very same manufacturing facility.
My view insted is that Starboard's slalom boards are .5 - 1 kg heavier than optimal, or at least those available to common customers are.
Please, please, please, open your eyes, what top heavyweight pro riders like AA or BD successfully ride in competition means just nothing to us common mortals! They will use their 'given size' boards and sails in conditions that are at least 5 or 10 knots more than those we would be riding a similar kit in! They use in 20 or 25 knots the same kit we would be using in 15, and in 30 knots the kit we'd be using in 20! This is the same as saying they are on completely different boards. Even provided the iSonics they ride are actually comparable to those we can actually buy.

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