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Roly Gardner
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Hi Roger,

Just to say thank you for talking me through the foot straps problem I was having. I managed to get this sorted out yesterday in a great days sailing here in Eastbourne, UK. I had set myself the task of practising this until it came off! In fairly flat water and a slightly gusty 20/25 mph I took to the water on my Carve 145 and my Gaastra 6.5m rig. It was pretty easy to get planing and I concentrated on a more gradual approach to getting in the harness. Once hooked in I managed to bear away a little for the front strap and then head up wind slightly to unweight the rear foot. As I was feeling more controlled and secure the rear strap was way easier to locate and slide into.

I realise now, having successfully "found" the rear strap, that I actually had the wrong mental picture of its position if you see what I mean. Once I knew where it was it felt far easier to locate and power up. Against my initial thoughts, it felt far more secure than I anticipated and was really quite comfortable. This was particularly the case as the sea was pretty choppy and my big board was hitting the front of waves on the way out causing it to jump and bump a bit. Very exhilarating though!

Once again thanks for your thoughts, it really did make the difference. Now just the task of cracking those elusive waterstarts!

Cheers, Roly
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