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Originally Posted by viking View Post
"why would anyone want to pay more for a non-upgrade in performance?"

There is something I do not understand. What is the purpose of this carbon line if you admit that it does not bring any upgarde in performance?

Anyway, the answer to your question is easy: it is called marketing!
Because in slalom racing, its largely about measurable performance. If tests show carbon is not faster, then it isn't better either, despite that light always _feel_ nice.

But in wave and freestyle boards some other things come into play. Also here, to some degree have the deceiving feel that it must be better if it feels lighter. But you also move the board around much, much more in off the lips, cutbacks, some jumps and in most freestyle tricks. Here board weight will matter more, but it is not measurable as easily. And even in manoeuvres, some of the difference will inevitably be psychological.
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