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Because in slalom racing, its largely about measurable performance. If tests show carbon is not faster, then it isn't better either, despite that light always _feel_ nice.

But in wave and freestyle boards some other things come into play. Also here, to some degree have the deceiving feel that it must be better if it feels lighter. But you also move the board around much, much more in off the lips, cutbacks, some jumps and in most freestyle tricks. Here board weight will matter more, but it is not measurable as easily. And even in manoeuvres, some of the difference will inevitably be psychological.
I am sorry but this really starts to feel a bit corporate. Happy to believe that construction gives no performance advantage to pro-level sailors in a slalom situation using huge (100-120L) slalom boards, but then wood/glass vs wood/carbon somehow gives a performance advantage to recreational sailors on much smaller (70-90L) boards? But this advantage is unmeasurable? so we can forget any rational discussion?

The only independent test I have seen on boards weights (UK boards magazine July) shows that, as expected, weight makes no difference for recreational sailors ESPECIALLY in small boards (sub-85/90). It is easy for everybody to test this: just put 1Kg to the mast box of your board and check the non-existent difference in performance.

Water floats guys and girls and gravitational de-acelleration is not a function of weight (for the jumpers out there)

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