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Originally Posted by Ola_H
From a physics point of view
Oh my! A bit of order:

* If the board is 20% lighter (which cannot be, you cannot gain 1Kg out of a 80L sandwich board just because you use 4oz Carbon instead of 4-6oz fiberglass) you still get at most a 1% difference in TOTAL weight (board + rig + sailor). (Won't even enter a discussion about rotional weight, because then you realize that the supposed 20% weight difference is distributed over the length of the board and most of it has no influence whatsever in quick changes of direction).

* Water floats indeed: and any weight difference is cut at least in half because you are ... sailing on water ... not dragging your rig on mother earth.

* you say "comfort plays a huge role" in slalom but apparently this reverses in B&J and Wave? Do we have to conclude that Starboard "tests" demonstrate that a carbon construction is not as fast and less comfortable in a slalom board but actually is faster and more comfortable in a Wave board ....?

* By the way any discussion about carbon vs glass vs aramid is quite nonsensical. What matters in a sandwich construction is the core, and the fibers, and the # of layers, and the orientations used ( and the resin and and curing too). You can easily build a carbon board that is flexier then a glass board. Just discuss fibers is useless.

Some examples of constructions?

*** I ride Carbon Art boards that happen to be the most comfortable slalom boards I ever rode: I wonder how they manage to do that since they are 100% carbon.

*** AS far as I know, Mike's Lab builds everything in carbon but NOT the small sizes, where S-glass is the choice, for slalom too, because Carbon is simply an overkill in his opinion ...

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