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I was referring to pro riders, I don't know if all of Starboard's testers are so or else.
From the measurements done by PlancheMag it seems the slalom board I am riding now has an even flatter scoop line than iSonic101, in its '08 version at least. I know very well that sensation of flying smoothly over chop, never smacking into it. Nevertheless, I believe much of the crispness of that board's ride comes from its ability to comply with water surface and quickly follow my feet's orders. Heavier, would be different; and not for better in my view. Plus, of course, given any board still has to react to chop in order not to smack into it, my reasoning still applies to iSonics.
Thinking better, I would be curious to see how a really light iSonic would be like, given its super smooth ride would probably take away most of the problems common mortals have to face when riding super light slalom boards.
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