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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
I somewhat disagree with CC on the "masts get old and eventually break".
I have some really old carbon masts and I take good care of them.
I don't think they will be breaking anytime soon.
Abuse and direct sunlight generated hot spots are the main "mast breakers".
Used as they were designed, and only bent in sails, they will last a very long time.
Hope this helps
granted, if you do'nt catapult every session your mast will last a lifetime. But carbonfibers wear through shock so even the slightest tremble damages your mast on a microscopic plane. Tennis players know that after 3-4 seasons they should replace their rackets because the fibers in the frame have lost their elasticety and this compromises the game. Sure, there are guys that still use 20 yr old stuff and do well, but you'll never see them at top level, they don't need to be. Mast fibers, i suspect work nearly the same (as it's mainly built from the same stuff) so if you hit water/ground often, you're damaging the mastfibers, increasing the risk of spontanious mast breakage which can and most likely will, damage your sail. Personally it's not my own intention to replace all masts i have every few years, i'd rather have them till they 'die', they're good masts. But i know, the longer i sail em, the more i risk getting mast breakage.
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