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Hi John K.
OK, first a couple of questions, then some recommendations/suggestions.
1/ Why were you using a 520 CM IMCS 34 mast in your 9.5 m2 Retro?
All the 9.5 Retro's I've ever had used 490 cm masts and were really designed
to use the Sailworks Joystick 490 cm IMCS 30 as the "best mast".
It's possible that you were getting a softer top (Fibertspar's QT feature") and a slightly
softer (IMCS 28/29) in your 520 cm FS 5000QT 95% carbon mast so the Retro actually
worked OK with this mast.
2/ What year is your 9.5 m2 Retro?
You can probably save a little $$ if you buy a 490 cm mast this time.
I use both Powerex and Sailworks masts.
I find the specified Sailworks Joystick 75% mast to be a little heavy for this old body to
heft out of the water, so I use either the Sailworks Speedstick 490 or the Powerex
Z-Speed/Speed 100 490 cm masts in my 9.5 m2 Retro sails.
Here's the specs:
SW Joystick 490
Length (cm): 490
Carbon content (%): 75%
Weight (Kg.) 2.3 (5.07 lbs)
MCS Stiffness: 26.5
IMCS Stiffness: 30.0

Sailworks Speed Stick 490
Length (cm): 490
Carbon content (%): 100%
Weight (Kg.) 2.0 (4.409 lbs)
MCS Stiffness: 26.5
IMCS Stiffness: 30.0

Powerex Z-Speed/Speed 100 490 26 29 5.05 2.29
Length (cm): 490
Carbon content (%): 100%
Weight (Kg.) 2.0 (5.05lbs.)
MCS Stiffness: 26.0
IMCS Stiffness: 29.0
You can buy the Sailworks masts from your local shop or direct from
the Sailworks loft.
The Powerex mats are also available at your local shop.
Sorry, I could not find complete specs. on your old Fiberspar mast,
but I'd guess the 490 Powerex Z-Speed/Speed100 and SW Speedstick
would weigh about the same as your old Fiberspar 95% 5000 QT.
Hope this helps,
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