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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Hi John K.
OK, first a couple of questions, then some recommendations/suggestions.

1/ Why were you using a 520 CM IMCS 34 mast in your 9.5 m2 Retro?

2/ What year is your 9.5 m2 Retro?

Here's the specs:
SW Joystick 490
Length (cm): 490
Carbon content (%): 75%
Weight (Kg.) 2.3 (5.07 lbs)
MCS Stiffness: 26.5
IMCS Stiffness: 30.0

Sailworks Speed Stick 490
Length (cm): 490
Carbon content (%): 100%
Weight (Kg.) 2.0 (4.409 lbs)
MCS Stiffness: 26.5
IMCS Stiffness: 30.0

Powerex Z-Speed/Speed 100 490 26 29 5.05 2.29
Length (cm): 490
Carbon content (%): 100%
Weight (Kg.) 2.0 (5.05lbs.)
MCS Stiffness: 26.0
IMCS Stiffness: 29.0

Thanks Roger for the detailed response! I purchased the 2000 9.5 Retro and Fiberspar 5000 QT used along with a Fiberspar boom as a complete rig. The prior owner advised that running the 520 made the sail more powerful for us heavy guys. I really didn't know enough to challenge this advice and the price at the time was too good to pass up.

Here are the specs from the Fiberspar Reflex 5000 QT:
Length (cm): 520
Carbon content (%): 90%
Weight (Kg.) 2.15 (4.73 lbs)
MCS Stiffness: 27
IMCS Stiffness: 34

For new (budget) masts, I was considering the Joystick 490 which looks slightly heavier than the 520 Fiberspar mast it replaces. I was also considering the Powerex Z-Free 490 which is slightly lighter than the Joystick. However, I suspect that the Joystick will be more compatible with the Retro sail.

I'm not sure how comfortable I am about buying another used mast... what are your thoughts around this?
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