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Of course wood construction makes perfect sense if you have a 3 year supply of wood veneer purchased in advance.

But joking aside, any small slalom board in the range +/- 6Kg is light, in the winds of intended use, whether itís 5.8kg or 6.2kg, it matters not. The fastest sailor will win irrespective of the minute weight differences, wood, carbon/wood or full carbon construction or surprisingly the colour.

Any one who really thinks that in 20 knots a board that weighs 5.8kg will be faster than the same board that weighs 6.2kg had better stop smoking the happy stuff.

Of course each particular construction has its own feel on the water.

Now if you want to talk construction differences and weights in boards, get real and start talking about the differences for big slalom boards at the marginal end of the wind spectrum, as here weight does make a big difference.
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