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Frankly, I wasn't really focusing on overall weight, although real light weight can have distinct advantages for lighter weight sailors. My thought was more in line with performance issues, comfort, stiffness of shape, control, and in addition, overall durability.

Still though, big fluctuation in weights (up to a 10-12% difference) aren't necessarily a confidence builder, especially when it becomes to structural integrity or performance issues, because they don't imply that ultimum build construction criteria was met. Shear weight doesn't necessarily mean better.

Also, we're talking tolerances here, and we can't necessarily make liberal assumptions about a given product. From my experience, it's the subtleties of shape, rocker and tuning can have more influence over board weight. Needless to say, we need to think about design integrity too (what are the tolerances there?). Others can disagree to some degree, but overall we need to be practical.
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