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Thanks Scotty and Timo.

I'm 90 kgs. I've ridden the 2005 Evo 74 in sideshore waves, Gorge swell etc and love it's alround abilities. I have 95 FSW wave board and 110 freestyle board, so the E74 is my 5.0 and windier board. Is the ET 74 or 80 too wave focused for all around sailing or can I make it work as well as the 2005 E74 for everything? I remember reports saying that the Evo74 was poor for anything outside of real wavesailing, but I've been hard pressed to ride anything more fun, loose and skatey in all conditions. The idea of more of a good thing interests me with the ETs, but if it comes at a cost of all round ability, maybe not. Does the ET 80 get blown around much in the air in 4.2-4.7 wind?
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