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No less than the big boss...

Svein, thank you very much for your direct intervention and clarification. After reading your post, here is what I think.

1) My reserves about "corporate" outings still hold, even more so in your case, of course.
2) I can believe that a wood carbon iSonic would be just 150 - 300 gms. lighter than a standard wood one. Still I am curious to know how much your test protos do really weight. IF they are spot on the "average production" stated weight, or close to, as I already said (i. e.: iS101 6.3 kg) in my view they have a nice weight. Unfortunately I happened to order a Sonic95 in '06. When it arrived I was able to compare its weight with a Falcon90 that was in the shop. Finally I carefully weighted it at 6.6 kg, which is not that much more than the stated 6.3 after all and well within tolerances, but... (I used to purchase RRD's in older times, probably when Cobra was not the undisputed market leader yet, and those were spot on, so I assumed the Sonic would have been spot on too). Be assured nothing the like will happen to me once again.
3) If I was in your shoes I would introduce lighter manufacturing, be it wood carbon or else, at no extra cost for iSonics; eventually, not even claiming it; since now iSonics are about the heaviest slalom boards available AND the most expensive ones.
4) Whatever you say or swear, I will NEVER believe that dream team riders are on boards similar to those I can buy in shop. I am sure that, at very least, they are handed a few selected samples to choose from by direct testing. As for BD, I remember pictures of the Canaries '07 leg with him jumping and showing the bottom of his board; not the usual white painted bottom, but one showing very clearly traces of substantial reshaping/fairing. He didn't even bother to put some fresh white on it. Should I believe he rode Alacati on boards bought blind out of the shop? Not even if he himself tells me.
5) "However, we as the customer pay the bills...": +1. Bad idea to state that intention of yours.
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