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Default FF158 Replacement

Hi Roger
Hope things are well for you.

I need some more of your infallible wisdom again!
I currently have: serenity, futura 122 and an 04 FF158; and nx3 10.4, 8.5 & 6.5 retro, and a 5.2 ezzy wave.90kgs fresh water great lakes and smaller lakes sailing.

I like my quiver on all fronts.
My only issue is my ff158 and pumping. I think it is a great board and love sailing it 8-15 knots with the 10.4 and 8.5 but find I always have to pump. Last week I was out 5 days with other sailors (only brought my 8.5) and found that I always have to pump onto a plane when other sailors do not. This gets very tiring after every jibe and tack especially when sailing in gusty winds. I can pump and was probably on too small a sail some of the time. But, I find that the ff158 needs to be pumped hard to plane when others just hook in and ease onto a plane. The ff planes early only when you really pump it, otherwise I would say that other sailors (who were lighter than me) planed earlier on less wide boards. One guy was on a techno 148l with (i think) a +/-8.0 sail and could plane as early but with no pumping. Anyway, to my question: What board could replace my ff158 (keeping existing sails) and plane nearly as early without pumping as much all the time. Formula? Apollo? or isonic 133/144, big futura?
(because I have a serenity I am not looking for the ultimate in early planing).

Thanks for your help.

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