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Hi Joe,
Just a little follow up here.
I had the opportunity to test a 2008 7.5 m2 prototype Severne NCS (no cam) sail today and I wanted to see how different it was from the new 2008 7.5 Retro.
Both sails have the under cut clew, and both sails have the batten crossing through the boom so they are very similar.
I took the 2008 Futura 155 out with the 7.5 NCS in conditions where no one else was really planing at all (some had even larger sails, but not the wide early planing design on the Futura 155.).
It took a little ooching, and a few pumps here and there, but the Futura 155 was going significantly faster with the 7.5 than anyone else on the water.
It was offshore at the Canadian Hole (NE wind direction) and the wind was around 10-12 knots.
I'm even more sure the Futura 155 will be a good replacement for your FF-158 after today.
Wish I had had my GPS on as I think I was getting well over 20 knots board speed in the gusts.
I was on a 39 cfm Tangent Reaper Weed Fin.
No spin out, very good upwind angles. Lot's of fun!
The NCX 7.5 was really nice, once I figured out that the CE is a good 2-3" farther back than a Retro. I did rerig the NCX with more downhaul and more outhaul but things weren't that powered up, so the batten that passes through the boom was still touching lightly on the boom when the sail loaded up.
Even made a plane in/plane jibe or 2.
So what did I learn that was pertinent to your having to pump alot on the FF-158......well, I paid alot of attention to rear foot placement on the Futura 155 and found that even 1/2" can make a big difference in whether the board simply planes off, or not.
Also, changing your course a few degrees (well, maybe 10 deg.)
off the wind can make all the difference as well.
So, next time you are having trouble getting the FF-158 to plane off,
try moving your foot an inch or 2 forward and back to find the "sweet spot" for your board with your weight. Also try bearing off a little and see if you don't find yourself planing as easily as the other sailors.
Hope this helps,

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