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Ian Fox
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Hi Fed,

For your weight (especially) if you really want to be on sizes 5.5m and smaller (on powered race sails) then the choice for the heavy air board has to be 1S76.

Based on that, to best cover the 7.2m range as well, you should consider iS101 (for wind range down to "powered 7.2m") or iS111 (for wind range down to medium light 7.2m), depending of % of time in these conditions. Either of these choices leave a practical overlap between the large board and iS76.

iS122 is also a good choice for "light 7.2m" conditions, and has great performance well up into the overpower range (and so extends the expected hi wind range of the 122) but the gap from 122 to 76 becomes not so practical (unless you spend a lot of time in marginal 7.2m or hi wind [iS76] and no real time in between).

Cheers ~ Ian

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