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Hi Ola

My question is the following. You only offer the wood carbon construction in the models that are going to get pounded more often from waveriding, jumps, freestyle tricks yet on the iSonic/Futuras where the weight of the board must be kept to a minimum you don't. Why is that?

I have a Futura 93 2008 model which I am in love with. Recently I had the opportunity to compare it with a JP super sport 100 2009 PRO model. When comparing the 2 I wouldn't change my Futura over the JP board on the design side. But when you lifted the 2 boards the difference in weight is immense. I would say that the JP board was about 0.5 kilos lighter and my board was with no fin at the time whereas the JP board had a G10 33 cm fin fitted on it.

I have spoken to many guys on the beach about this topic and it is common knowledge that although Starboard are ahead of the game when it comes to board design unfortunately when is comes to board construction JP have lead the way for a long time. I thought that wood carbon would close the gap a bit but why not offer it on the models that need it most??

Above you said 'So if durability is your no 1 priority I think it is a wiser decision to go with wood.' If that is the case I would have thought that you would offer the wave/freestyle boards (where durability is a top priority) in wood/technora and the freeride/slalom boards in wood carbon etc etc.

Regards Van
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