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Now C249 has always been a very vocal advocate for classic longboards, and he has gone to the extent of compiling quite a bit of data contrasting the number of sailors worldwide that race longboards versus formula/FE. Although his findings suggest that there is more interest in longboards and a displacement style of sailing amoungst the racing community in the past, they do not necessarily reflect what is wanted by the windsurfing community as a whole.

Quite frankly, longboards have had an extended period in the sun on the racing scene (like forever). Why not look to a different approach, one that promotes and focuses on the planing side of our sport? No question, the vast number of windsurfers do it for the benefits of planing, and I personally think that the time is ripe for change. Change is understandably difficult for some to tolerate, but it not like the death of the longboard and its place in some part of the racing scene. For the Olympics though, I think the FOD approach deserves a chance to blossum and grow.
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