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Talking Kode fins

This has been an issue since 2005 when the kombats came out. Sure there is an argument for US box on the smaller sizes but the 95 and 105 sizes I think it is a not so good decision.

Starboard use mainly Tuttle which is great on the other freeride and slalom boards, but on these kodes it is very hard to replace .

I have broken two US fins out of my Kombat 105 and this year have gone to an alternative to get power box.
The hassle of fiddling with the bolts and plates etc, when all you want to do is get on the water is so annoying. The flex in the box is too much when you put drive into a turn with larger sails. My fins rip out just behind the bolt at the weakest point.

The new Kodes look like great boards but that US fin in these two sizes is such a put off.

The fins available in power box for this range of board is a lot wider and larger.
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