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Default Hello everybody! New member presntation.

This forum seam to be very useful. Been reading it for awhile and decide to Sign up for an account.

I live and work in the Caribbean as sailing skipper and a carpenter. Its off season now and i had some time off. Started to take windsurfing lessons a couple weeks ago. And I f***ing freaking loving it. Used to do some windsurfing 10 years ago. But man that a difference its to day.

Its sone time to buy my own board and set up. I been looking at one second hand GO 133. I think that's a good board for me and I can progress a lot on it. Right now a always renting a 144L board at the beach and use a 5.0-5.5 sail. So I am getting a 5.5 for my board first and then the economy gets better I can get a bigger one or smaller.
The average wind is between 12-18 most of the time here.

Ok all of you Cheers, peace out...
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