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For once I agree with pierrec45. I would also add that if one is into planning sports and performance, go speed sailing. Really.

An Olympic board should be one that everyone can easily get there hands on and use fairly easily, like a javelin, bike or swim. I can use those without much effort which means I might even get into it at school or something. FOW is a piece of fancy equipment that will do nothing to the overall level of competition and will be limited to those who call themselves "we".

SteveC said "Quite frankly, longboards have had an extended period in the sun on the racing scene (like forever). Why not look to a different approach, one that promotes and focuses on the planing side of our sport?"

ooooh quick lets change the look of the javelin, lets make bikes have 3 wheelers, lets put jets on swimmers, lets....blah blah.

I have actually raced in a few FOW races and thought it to be awesome just like wavesailing, etc. I think unfortunaly most windsurfers today have never sailed longboards and so it doesn't surprise me what's going on with FOD, IWA and the Olympics.

Leave the Olympic sport alone or risk not having it.

I'd like to see a double javelin with a wing - that'd go fast an further........thats my rant.
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