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If the lack of longboards on the market is the reason why windsurfing is failing, then how come virtually every major brand has long boards on the market and yet they aren't outselling shortboards 10 to 1 already; the Kona has been on the market for 3 years or more now; how come so often people go out on these boards and don't just buy them?
Every major brand have only just got into longboards after dropping them for many years.

Mate, not every windsurfing store is selling them, probably because they don't understand them or just choose to offload their short board gear which is fair enough it's their store.
I know of crew that have been waiting for longboards here in Aus for months. Even the second hand market is dire with prices increasing (simple supply and demand) and thats world wide.

So really Kip, if longboards are in every store with at least some sort of marketing plan, longboards might have half a chance.
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