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Every major brand have only just got into longboards after dropping them for many years.

Mate, not every windsurfing store is selling them, probably because they don't understand them or just choose to offload their short board gear which is fair enough it's their store.
I know of crew that have been waiting for longboards here in Aus for months.
I said every brand has them, I didn't talk about retail; as we all know there are lots of issues with logistics; one of the problems with longboards is the retailer skepticism that anyone will buy them. Fear of the unknown and I guess dollars talk.

AFAIK the online shops in USA longboards aren't massively outselling shortboards. The local resorts here ALL have longboards for rent; they sit there unused except on the really light days and some beginner/intermediates like them.

Longboard enthusiasts have a right to feel miffed that maybe their sport isn't being expanded. (and it is a rather different angle on the sport than shortboards). At least in the case of starboard, contact Svein/Tiesda directly explain you definitely want to order and watch the ripple effect back to the distributor.

I've sailed them. My GF have sailed sailed them. All my friends have sailed them that sail where I sail as they are available for rent. And most consider it as a fun thing, but not on par with a shortboard in planing conditions. None of us go island hopping or cruising. The only reason to get one would be to race, (which they would be very practical for) but since the majority of racing here is either IMCO, formula or 85cm slalom and usually plagued by no wind, I quit windsurf racing years ago to do sailing instead; windsurfing is just for 12 knots +. Back when I had formula gear, 8+ knots.

So if you want longboards to catch on, you have to accept that more than 50% of the market probably has the same mindset as me, and perhaps higher given that I at least have tried and played on longboards (and I have to admit I like the gemini a LOT). Actually, to be honest I tried a star board race board that I think was very similar to the raceboard they used in the raceboard worlds, that was the only longboard that I got excited about; that thing was FUN to sail. The rest were, heavy fairly unexciting when planing, but yes, they all went upwind ok which I guess is the point.

Formula has all the same issues; buy on special order and all that. RSX you cannot even get one if you aren't in the national team here AFAIK.

If so concerned, why don't you guys ask to distribute longboards direct until volumes build up? Inthe alpine snowboard industry (hard boots, plate bindings) we went through the same cycle, in the end bomberonline is a major source of gear, grew the sport and now after 5 years of no retailing, we now see hard boots and bindings back in a few stores. But as a carver, i appreciate that the majority of snowboarders will never have the slightest interest in the way I ride. I think longboarders probably need to accept the same thing (and 15-20 years ago, almost everyone in Europe snowboarded in plate bindings, just like 20+ years ago just about all windsurfers were longboards).

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