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Hi Rodger only just posted hope your fit and well now.
In the latest edition of Boards Magazine it says:
" Forward.
Board more controlled with better/easier tracking. Gybing easier,more sercure with momentum on exit. Easier upwind. Tacking harder. Board slower less lively."
Harder to contoll in strong winds, feels faster and more lively. Harder to sail upwind Gybes more on the tail,so tighter, but less momentum and ease. More board in front feels bigger and moresubseptable to windage."
So are we saying that its differnt for Formula boards! I would have thought that moving the centre of effort forward would increase the boards downwing ability but this also means from the fixed position of the harness lines and straps the rig ends up futher back?
I run the Apollo with the mast track well back with the weed fin which has sorted a lot of the high wind control problems the board had with the normal fins.
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