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Thumbs down Kit choice for heavyweight.?

On mid size sails dont write off non-cambered so quikly.
Some non-cambered are totally unsuited to heavyweights.(Eg Expression) But others (Saber) and especially Thunderbird are fine for superheavies.I use my 7 metre TBird III when lighter mates are on 5.5`s. Its a superb sail for heavies but DONT be tempted to rig on super stiff (100% masts) as some recommend.I`ve found mine works best (in all winds) on believe it or not on C45.(Which it was designed for !)
My quiver is 7 (TBird). 6 metre Storm. 5.4, 5 and 4.4 Combats.I had problems with Alpha`s on top end !! Combats are fine.(Sold my Alpha`s and bought second hand Combats !)

Board wise 130 (69 wide)for medium winds.(6 and 7 metre) 105 (62 wide) litre for others.
For real strong winds I have an Evo 92, which hardly ever gets used.(Twice this year !)
I forget about lghtwinds. Simply cant compete without getting silly on kit !I need 13 knots to plane with 7 metre.That gives me enough sailing.

My weight has been upto 108k and is now 101.Not changed anything.Appreciate earlier planing.

Forget about reseve volume.Its a flawed idea especially for heavies.You will need 130+ litres to float home/uphaul.(I could sink my 130 litre board easy when 108K;but I could just uphaul it !)

Good luck.Ignore your mates coming past you in lightish winds.Buy a GPS ;your Vmax will be loads better than theirs.

Get Carbon booms.Extend top end of any sail.
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