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Ian Fox
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Default RE: SeverneSails2007

Hi Pacs,

The congrats belong to Ben, Clinton, Jesper and Patto who have sweated it out in the loft to bring us the new toys.
For the rest of us it's pretty easy, just turn up and sail. Well, you know..
But those guys worked big time to really get the line into top gear this season, so look forward to some fun rides when you get on them.

The Gator and NC-X are pretty tolerant of minor mast curve deviations, so taking a standard 460/25 curve into the new sail/s won't be such of an issue, but with the new 6.5m at 457cm luff, a 460 will usually rig a little too long (or high off the deck). Shortening the 460 down a couple of cm is always possible, but maybe not desireable for use in other sails ??.

Cheers ~ Ian
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