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Well thanks Kip for weighing in here with your thoughts. Quite frankly, I agree wholly with everything you've said, and I also believe that it's a very fair assessment of things overall. Without a doubt though, the longboard advocates here are a testy group that often prefers to consider themselves as being victims. I guess that's easier for them to blame others for their predicament.

While I entered the sport of windsurfing to target planing as my primary driving goal, my first board was a planing style F2 longboard with footstraps because I believed that was the best way at the time to teach myself how to windsurf (I would have never bought the original rotomolded Windsurfer one design). I sailed it for a year and a half before buying my first shortboard, and sold it right afterward. I've been super happy with the path I chose and I have been avidly involved in the sport for about 23 years now. Could a longboard have kept my interest over all these years. Not a chance really, but that's me. Outside of my preferences, I would never have looked down on a windsurfer that chose the traditional longboard path. We're all brothers in windsurfing.

In the last year or so I decided to entertain the path of longboards again to expand into the 5-10 knot range, as I do live in an area where winds can be relatively light at times during the year. It's been a year now that I have been trying to get myself a Serenity, and I've had a hard order (with a substantial deposit paid) on the books with a retailer since the end of January 2008. While the board exists in NA, my deal is conditioned on receiving the board together with the taylored Starboard bag for it. It was always claimed that the bag could be delivered, but Starboard in Asia hasn't be been able to deliver. The regional distributor for NA has offered repeated promises on a series of delivery targets to my retailer, but none have ever materialized. I'm beginning to think about cancelling the order and getting my money back, because I've apparently created the impossible deal.

Am I inclined to buy a SUP or traditional longboard instead? No, but if I did, I would still expect that a taylored bay would be required as part of the deal. Maybe I should just continue to enjoy what windsurfing has been for me for so many years. Quite frankly, I really don't have a problem with what the sport has offered for so many years. Who knows, maybe by waiting some more time and being patient, something better than the Serenity might hit the scene in the future, but a bag will still be a requirement.

Then again, I still have my hopes that Starboard will be able to come through for me.

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