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Default Front Foot Pressure

Hi Roger
I was sailing my ff158 with a sailworks 10.4nx3 last weekend (195lbs, 70cm fin, +/-10 knots some chop) and I had a really hard time keeping any front foot pressure when in the front strap, especially on the upwind.
I was wearing booties and I didn't bother to open up the straps so they were set a little tight.
My boom was at chin level. The mast foot was as far back as I can move it - I moved it to the middle but the lack of front pressure did not change much. My footstraps are front --> forward and inside - back --> back and outside.

Would moving my front straps back and outside help?

Any tips on 'adjusting' the weight on my feet to a more balanced stance?
When I previously sailed this board I noticed some lack of front pressure but not quite as much - only some when cranking upwind. This time it seemed to be present evn on a reach.

As always thankss for your help!
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