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Sure, Steve, i have often pointed the finger at the industry's excessive focus on one (wonderful) part of the sport; and now the head of Starboard has come out and apparently said the same thing.

My ideal for the Games isn't just a longboard, but a longboard and a shortboard; the setup may still be cheaper than the RSX and would show our sport in all its fantastic width, unlike ANY one-board class.

Just for me, I would much rather see the FOD class in the Games than the RSX, but there's a big difference between what we want as individuals and what is good for the sport. Given experience in three or four similar situations, you'd also have to worry about FW's future if the FOD concept took off. We've created Olympic OD classes from open classes before, and the open class has ALWAYS suffered. Why hurt FW?

I'm not targeting Starboard for blame for not holding an election. I never said that, or anything like it. Starboard's FOD campaign does say things that are arguably untrue (they claim that most racers want a "planing board"; where is the evidence? If that is true, why do most racers sail hybrids or longboards?) but my concern is with the fact that the IWA apparently chose to back the bid without asking its constituents, or warning them. They have also backed a bid that puts words in the mouths of racing sailors (words that are contradicted by what many or most racing sailors choose to sail) and that may not be a great thing.
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