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Default IS 2009 drake fins

As every year since 2007 by this time Im waiting my new Isonic set (IS86/111/133) wich will arrive around early October. And as every year Im wondering if the drake fins supplied will really work properly.
I love the ISonic boards but the fins are far from the high performance level of them.
2008s IS133 fin was not the ideal fin but worked fine, but IS111s 44 and 38" Drake fins were a pain in the ass (Believe me , I broke the spinout world speed record on the 38" and Code red 7.7, GPS measured) so I replaced the supplied fins by DB and all worked fine.
I would like to hear a honest answer from a Team member (I guess Ian would be the right person) as regards what can I really expect from the 2009 fins.

Best regards

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