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My apologies about the Starboard/IWA thing, as I apparently misunderstood that part of the drift. So, as I understand it now, you're really at odds with the IWA, and not necessarily with Starboard's responsive proposal. That's an important difference in the overall scheme of things.

When it really comes down to it, I'm truly supportive of the two board approach to the problem of racing. This initially came up in an earlier thread where the introduction of the Serenity, along with Starboard's FOD concept, would make the perfect combination for literally almost any condition possible. I really liked this suggestion, and said so at the time. Not only would it be relatively inexpensive, it would create a well rounded sailor/athlete that was well prepared for almost any outcome, even those where wind was very light. Rather than creat a single board that doesn't do anything really well because it's trying to cover to many bases, the two board approach really leverages off the strategies that so many windsurfers depend on. Each design sophisticates it's design focus and is clearly unencumbered by added weight and compromise required by the single approach concept. I carry a 6 board quiver (and that doesn't include the Serenity I'm trying add to the mix) to meet my needs, so the conditions rarely leave me without some alternatives.
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